Are you already experiencing some of these Diabetes Complications?
- High Blood Pressure
- Numbness of Hand/feet
- Eye/vision problem
- Man with Weak Er3ction

  • Dear Friend,
    Countless studies from scientists and doctors all over the world have proven that people with type 2 diabetes can normalize blood sugar, increase insulin sensitivity, end neuropathy pain, lower risk of blindness, amputations and be taken off all diabetes drugs and insulin injections. Patients with type 1 diabetes are also able to greatly reduce drug and insulin dosages while lowering blood sugar.

    This Natural Solution Diabetes Program will work for you:
  • Even If You Have a Family History of Diabetes
  • Even If You’ve Been Fighting Weight and Blood Sugar Problems for Decades…
  • Even If You’ve Tried Every Diet Under The Sun Without Success
  • Even If You’re Already On Insulin or Drugs for Diabetes, High Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, or Have Any Related Complications
  • Without Harmful Drugs or Risky Surgical Procedures
  • Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!
  • And now, If you are tired of being lied to and are ready to finally learn the truth about this disease and find out how tens of thousands of type 2 diabetics completely reversed their diabetes, normalized their blood sugar and were taken off all drugs and injections, read on

The Root Cause of Diabetes:

  • It might be hard to believe, but when you prick your finger with a meter and see a blood sugar reading of let's say 250, it's NOT because you have diabetes! Some people can walk around with blood sugar as high as 300 without having diabetes. How is this possible?
    It all comes down to a single word: INFLAMMATION.
  • Ever wondered why diabetics have such high rates of heart disease, heart attacks, cancer, high cholesterol, blindness, arthritis, and neuropathy? Inflammation.

    Just recently; February 2015, Scientists and researchers at the University of California San Diego proved that type 2 diabetes is caused by inflammation: they discovered that an inflammatory molecule called LTB4 causes insulin resistance. And what does insulin resistance lead to? high blood sugar and diabetes.

    This is the reason why treating your blood sugar with drugs and injecting insulin to combat insulin sensitivity will never heal your diabetes; because you aren't treating the root cause of diabetes, just the symptoms of it.

Drugs Treat Symptoms,
Not Disease

  • Let's compare how we treat diabetes to how we treat the cold or flu. What are the symptoms of the flu? Fever and congestion.
    What is the cause of the flu itself? A virus. If we treat the symptoms of the flu - bring down fever, take some decongestants, will that cure the flu? No.

    It will make you feel better, but it will not in any way make the flu better because we haven't actually treated the flu itself. We simply treated the SYMPTOMS. You are still sick with the flu, but now you feel a bit better.

    Or another example. Let's say you broke your leg. What are the symptoms? Bleeding and lots of pain. If you take pain killers and wrap your leg in a bandage to stop the bleeding, have you fixed your broken leg? No, you simply treated the symptoms.

    You still have a problem - the broken leg.

    So how does this compare to diabetes? Exactly the same. What are the symptoms of diabetes? High blood sugar and insulin resistance. What do doctors prescribe? Pills to lower blood sugar and insulin to help with insulin resistance. Have you actually done anything to treat diabetes itself? No.

    You have simply treated the SYMPTOMS of it. So again, you are still sick, you still have a problem, but now you feel a little better

Now imagine if you
knew the truth...

  • Imagine if you had access to all of this suppressed and covered up medical research and the exact methods thousands of diabetics used to become completely healed.
  • No more needles
  • No more expensive and dangerous diabetes medications
  • No more finger pricking or test strips
  • No more frustration and embarrassment

    Would you use this information to help yourself, your kids, relatives, family and friends? Read these Testimonials below:


"About 2 months ago when I started your program my blood sugar count was at 332... Just today I was given my results from my last physical and can report that my blood sugar count is 110."

By the way, I forgot to mention... when I was first diagnosed, I weighed over 250 pounds and my blood pressure was high. I now weigh 193 pounds and my blood pressure is normal.

    Thank you for all your help. My family and I are forever grateful.”

   - Mr Daniel, Lagos

"I have been a type 2 diabetic sufferer for years. Thirty days after following your prgram,I can report the following results"

 "Hello Henry,

    I'm so glad I found your advert on the web. I have been a type 2 diabetic sufferer for years. Thirty days after following your program, I can report the following results:

 -Blood glucose dropped from 312 to 120
 -Blood pressure lowered 10 points on the top and the bottom
  -Cholesterol dropped 16 points.

    Your “Natural Supplementation Approach ” recommended is a BREAKTHROUGH and a true Blessing."

    -Mr Ben, Warri

Clinical Studies Rank Dietary Supplements and A Healthy Lifestyle Practice As
“Best” for Beating Diabetes!

  • In well-publicized research by UCLA’s School of Medicine, Type 2 patients COMPLETELY REVERSED their diabetes (in just three weeks!) with a few simple supplementing their diet and physical activity.
    And this occurred without any weight loss.

  • According to the lead researcher Dr. Christian K. Roberts: “This study shows, contrary to common belief, that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed.”
  • Recently, British researchers (led by Professor Roy Taylor of Newcastle University) announced that diabetes (even advanced type 2 diabetes) can be reversed through  diet changes.
  • Specifically, they discovered that Type 2 diabetes can be COMPLETELY REVERSED by diet alone. As a matter of fact... after 1 week, blood sugar normalized. By 4 weeks, normal insulin production returned. After that, participants ate normally.
  • In a nationwide study by the Diabetes Prevention Program, simple dietary supplent-and-lifestyle changes beat the pants off the leading glucose-lowering drug (metformin) — performing TWICE as well as the medication!
  • Medical literature is chock-full of studies proving the superiority of dietary supplements and lifestyle strategies over drug therapy.

“The ADA's advice to diabetics is that they can keep eating all the ice cream, sweets and soft drinks they want, as long as they control their blood sugar with pharmaceuticals.
It's medically absurd... 


The organization is so outdated that it still won't admit diabetes is curable, even as credible studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals prove that it is.”

- Mike Adams, Consumer Advocate

“Drug companies are intent on keeping the consumer on drugs... for the simple requirement of profit.”

            - Dr. Drummond Rennie,
Journal of the American Medical Association

“The thing that bugs me is that people think the Food and Drug Administration is protecting them -- it isn’t.  What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it’s doing are as different as night and day.”
- Dr. Herbert L. Ley, former Commissioner of the FDA


 EXPOSED: A Breakthrough,
100% Scientifically Proven Way
To Reverse Your Diabetes Naturally!

The Diabetes Wellness Pack is combination of supplements that are carefully selected for you to help lower the effect of diabetes and also help in reducing the blood sugar level in the system which helps to finally help you become diabetes Free!

NIGERIA: N41,000
GHANA: 700 GH¢

Now, using the combination inside the Diabetes Wellness pack, you will notice changes in your blood sugar level which help reduce the effect of being diabetic… As you start to use it, you will start noticing changes in your body system and you will also be astonished at how far you would have gone in helping to rid yourself of diabetes.

 And overtime, you will literally have to stop taking those medications as this natural supplement  will be performing way better than the industrial chemically produced synthetic drugs. These Supplement has no side effect. The product has the prestigious Kosher Seal (which makes it acceptable to the Jews. The Jews don’t take anything that isn’t 100% natural. Infact, they don’t even take bread with yeast! They believe in no additives.

It also has other seals including the Halal and Islamic seals. (These are Seals of highest form of purity including our own NAFDAC in Nigeria)


For MEN Experiencing POOR Bed PERFORMANCE due to Weak Er3ction or Quick Ejaculation or maybe you can't sustain Your Er3ction, then you need this
Nigeria: N28,000
Ghana: 480 GH¢


If experiencing HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE along with your Diabetic condition, then you need this Natural therapy
Nigeria: N28,000
Ghana: 480 GH¢


If you Are experiencing: Blurry or wavy vision, poor color vision, Spots or dark strings, Flashes of light or other Eye problem?
Nigeria: N22,000
Ghana: 400 GH¢

1.) Diabetes Wellness Pack ONLY
Nigeria = N41,000
Ghana =
700 GH¢

2.) Diabetes Wellness Pack + Erectile Dysfunction Solution

Nigeria = (N41,000 + N28,000) = N69,000
Ghana =  (700 GH¢ + 480 GH¢) = 1,180 GH¢

3.) Diabetes Wellness Pack + High Blood Pressure Solution

Nigeria = (N41,000 + N28,000) = N69,000
Ghana =  (700 GH¢ + 480 GH¢) = 1,180 GH¢

4.) Diabetes Wellness Pack + Retinopathy Solution

Nigeria = (N41,000 + N22,000) = N63,000
Ghana =  (700 GH¢ + 400 GH¢) = 1,100 GH¢



PLEASE NOTE - As soon as your order is confirmed, you will receive an SMS acknowledgment from us. Your Package will be delivered to your doorstep through a courier service within 3 working days!

My 100% No Nonsense, Iron Clad,
Satisfaction Guarantee!

I am 100% confident that these Wellness Pack will work for you, and I say…go ahead and get it. You see, I can make an Iron – Clad Guarantee like this because I know it will work for you. It has changed hundreds of lives, and I know it will DEFINITELY change yours! It’s as simple as that.
So place your order today and join thousands of other people worldwide that has been able to get their own testimonies using this product pack.

what are you waiting for?

Don't delay. Be rest assured that we are going to work with you to get your desired outcome.
Beyond just purchasing this pack from us, we will keep giving you essential tips via email and text message that will also help you manage your health condition appropriately.

Go order for your Pack right away.

Take responsibility for your health

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Dayo
Wellness Coach 



Disclaimer: Before taking any nutritional supplement, check with your health care professional regarding its appropriateness. Should you experience an allergic reaction, especially abnormal bowel function, to any supplement, immediately discontinue usage. You should never attempt to treat yourself without professional advice! No statement on our websites should be construed as a claim for cure, treatment, or prevention of any disease.

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